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Emergency Water Extraction Services

When a water related disaster causes damage to your home or business property, the most important thing you can do is quickly remove the water from the affected area. The longer that water remains in contact with your property, the more damage will be done, causing a more intensive and costly restoration process. When dealing with large amounts of water it’s imperative that you call your locally trusted water removal company as soon as possible.

75 & Sunny offers 24 hour emergency water extraction services in and around the San Diego, Orange County, and L.A. County, CA areas. Give us a call at the first sign of water on your property and we’ll respond immediately.

emergency water extraction services

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Common Causes of Water Damage

If you own a property, it’s important that you know the most common causes of water damage in your area. This knowledge will help you better prepare for the potential disasters, and in some cases even take steps to prevent those disasters from occurring in the first place. The most common causes of water damage that we come across include:

Flood Damage

Overflowing Bathtub Or Sink

Plumbing Issues

Sewage Backup

Appliance Malfunctions

Water Removal Process

When your property is damaged during a water related disaster and you call 75 & Sunny, we will immediately send out an IICRC certified technician to conduct a comprehensive water damage inspection. During this inspection we will identify the cause and extent of the damage and then quickly formulate a restoration plan complete with accurate cost and timeline estimates.

At 75 & Sunny, we specialize in quick and effective water removal. So after we’ve agreed on a restoration plan, our team will immediately shift our attention to removing the water from within your home or business. Using our industry-leading, truck mounted water extraction equipment, our team will work tirelessly to remove every last drop of water as quickly as possible.

75 & Sunny is a certified water damage restoration company which means that we can handle every step of the water restoration process. From a slight spill to several inches of standing water, no matter the size or scope of the damage, we have your back!

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Certified Technicians

When you work with 75 & Sunny, you can rest assured our team of technicians are heavily experienced and IICRC certified. 

Advanced Equipment

75 & Sunny works with the highest grade equipment in the industry which allows us to work efficiently and effectively to minize damages.

Fast Response

75 & Sunny offers immediate response services, 24/7, sending a technician to inspect your property within minutes of your call.