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Smoke Damage Cleanup Experts

Smoke damage can easily be overlooked following a fire related disaster. But in reality, smoke damage is one of the most difficult types of damage to clean and completely remove. It requires specific techniques and equipment to clean it, and any attempt you may make yourself will likely cause further damage to your property. When you need smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleanup, and smoke deodorization services in your home or business, make sure to call your local smoke damage cleaning experts.

75 & Sunny offers smoke damage cleaning services in and around the San Diego and Orange County CA areas. Give us a call if your home or business is impacted by smoke damage and we’ll respond immediately.

Smoke Damage Cleaning Experts

Types Of Smoke Damage

Smoke is made up of countless amounts of tiny burnt particles that are carried away in the hot air created by burning whatever materials are in its path. These burnt particles can be carried through your HVAC system by your ducting to areas well beyond the reach of the fire. With the ability to penetrate virtually any surface, the smoke will leave an odor until you have the material professionally cleaned and deodorized. Smoke damage is often dependent on the types of smoke, the most common types of smoke damage include:

Dry Smoke

Wet Smoke

Petroleum Smoke

Protein Smoke

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Smoke Soot Cleanup

Soot is left behind after the air cools around the smoke enough for those particles to sink back down, leaving practically every surface covered in these burnt particles. Without the right cleaning technique, it can be virtually impossible to clean the soot effectively. Because each type of smoke is different and requires a different approach, it’s important to first identify the type of smoke damage before attempting to clean and restore your soot covered belongings.

At 75 & Sunny, we have the experience and equipment to handle smoke soot cleanup of any kind. Give us a call today to schedule your free smoke damage inspection.

Smoke Soot Cleanup
smoke deodorization services

Smoke Deodorization

Eliminating smoke odors from your home or business is a difficult job, and without the requisite experience can be an uphill battle. Depending on the type of smoke damage, using specific tools is an essential part of smoke deodorization and smoke odor removal. HEPA air scrubbers, thermal foggers, vapor modifiers, and ozone generators are the most common pieces of equipment used by smoke deodorization professionals.

75 & Sunny will work tirelessly to deodorize your property and restore it to its pre-smoke damage condition so that you can return to your normal life without those lingering odors haunting you.

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When you work with 75 & Sunny, you can rest assured our team of technicians are heavily experienced and IICRC certified. 

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