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Mold can spread through a building in a matter of days. When you see mold, or even suspect that you may have mold growing in your home or business, make sure you call an expert. DIY mold remediation may seem like a good way to cut costs. However, hiring a professional mold removal company can save you time, money, and minimize any potential damages.

75 & Sunny offers professional mold removal and remediation services in and around the San Diego and Orange County, CA areas. Our mold removal technicians are all IICRC certified and are up to date on the latest accepted protocols for handling and disposing of mold damaged materials.

Mold Removal

Mold Related Health Risks

Mold exists in every breath of air that we take, and our bodies are able to handle this is normal quantities. But prolonged exposure to high levels of mold can lead to a variety of serious health risks. Understanding some of the most common mold related health risks may help you identify unseen mold growing in your home or business and make changes more rapidly as a result. Some of the most common mold related health risks include:

Skin Irritation

Sinus Problems

Asthma Attacks

Respiratory Issues

Lowered Immunity

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Common Questions About Mold

What Is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that releases tiny spores into the air to reproduce. Mold spores travel through the air and when they land on a damp spot indoors, they start to digest whatever material they are growing on, be it wood, paper, carpet, and foods, in order to survive. Excessive moisture will almost always lead to mold growth since the spores are in the air all around us.

Why Is Mold Growing In My Home?

Wherever there is an increase in moisture or humidity, mold will assuredly grow. This is why, after water damage, or simply in an area with minimal air circulation, mold growth is so predictable. And so, the best way to prevent mold is to improve air circulation and decrease relative humidity within your home or business.

Do I Have Black Mold?

Black mold is a common name given to several species of mold, and there is no correlation between the color of the mold and the level of danger that mold comes with. So you may have ‘Black Mold’ but we’ll have to test the mold to see if it poses any serious health risks.

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Process

If you suspect or see mold growing in your home, call up the experts at 75 & Sunny. We will immediately send a technician to your property to inspect the damage and begin to formulate a plan to remove and remediate the damages.

Before we get started removing any mold damage, we will need to take an air quality test to establish a baseline and to give us the exact type of mold we are dealing with which will allow us to better remove the mold.

Once the test results have come back, we will begin to set up a boundary around the mold damaged area. Using plastic sheeting and negative air pressure, we can keep all mold particles inside the containment barrier and prevent the mold from spreading throughout the building.

Our mission at 75 & Sunny is to restore all materials possible, whenever possible. But with some mold damage, there will be no chance to safely restore the materials. In this case we must carefully dispose of the mold damaged materials in accordance to the most recently approved methods.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

Unlike water or fired damage, mold damage is generally not covered. The common feeling is that in many cases it is seen as a result of negligence or poor property maintenance. Though, like most things having to do with insurance, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, in cases where mold damage resulted from a covered disaster like water damage, the mold damage may be covered.

Once again, when it comes down to questions about insurance coverage specifics, it’s always best to get on the phone, call up your insurance provider, and have them walk you through what type of coverage you have for mold damage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

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