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Full-Service Fire Restoration Services

Fires cause damages in several ways. Of course there is the actual fire damage. But then there is also the smoke damage that comes directly from the fire, as well as potentially water damage from the extinguishing effort. This is part of what makes fire related disasters so damaging, and an important idea to understand when choosing your preferred fire damage restoration company.

75 & Sunny offers full service fire restoration in San Diego and Orange County, CA. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call at the first sign of a fire on your property and we’ll respond immediately.

Full-Service Fire Restoration San Diego

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Fire Damage Restoration Process

Emergency Fire Board Up

If you have any broken or compromised doors, windows, roofing, or walls as a result of fire damage on your property, give 75 & Sunny a call and we’ll send a certified technician to your property immediately.

Free Fire Damage Inspection

When our technician arrives on your property, they will immediately begin to inspect for damages. This free inspection will include accurate timeline and cost estimates for the entire restoration process.

Water Extraction & Drying

The first priority of ours will be to remove any standing water that may be in your property, then look to dry the affected materials. To do this we will use our industry leading water extraction equipment followed with industrial air blowers and dehumidifiers.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Fires can leave behind a huge mess. Between the broken windows, burnt materials and layers of soot, the cleanup process can be rather intensive. Our team will methodically work through the damage affected area, looking to remove only the irreversably damaged materials and prepare the area for further repair.

Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

Smoke is simply tiny burnt particles that are lifted away from the fire on hot air. That smoke will eventually settle and become soot, and both smoke and soot can cause damages. The tricky part about smoke damage cleaning is that it can travel well beyond the fire affected area, and depending on the material that was burned, it can be extremely difficult to clean and deodorize without causing further damage to the materials.

At 75 & Sunny, we have the experience and equipment needed to clean and deodorize smoke and soot damaged materials, no matter the type of smoke. 

Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization
fire damage

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

When dealing with insurance, it’s always a good idea to contact your insurance provider and ask them to kindly walk you through your coverage when as it pertains to fire damage. But generally speaking, the average homeowner’s insurance plan should cover you for fire related damages.

In any event, the experts at 75 & Sunny are here to help you receive the best possible coverage by maintaining clear documentation and working with your provider throughout the process.

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Choose 75 & Sunny for Fire Damage Cleanup Services

Certified Technicians

When you work with 75 & Sunny, you can rest assured our team of technicians are heavily experienced and IICRC certified. 

Advanced Equipment

75 & Sunny works with the highest grade equipment in the industry which allows us to work efficiently and effectively to minimize damages.

Fast Response

75 & Sunny offers immediate response services, 24/7, sending a technician to inspect your property within minutes of your call.