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Full-Service Contents Packout & Cleaning Services

When a disaster impacts you home or business, most of the focus is going to be on restoring the property. But obviously your belongings are equally important, if not more so. For this reason, professional contents cleaning and packout services are highly recommended for the best recovery results.

At 75 & Sunny, our team will give your belongings appropriate attention by offering comprehensive contents pack out and cleaning services. We will box up and label every item, documenting the entire packout process to ensure nothing is lost as we send the contents to our off-site storage facility. Once at our facility, we provide unmatched contents cleaning services while we restore the rest of your property.

Contents cleaning packout

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Contents Packout & Cleaning Process

Free Contents Damage Inspection

When we receive your call, we will immediately dispatch one of our technicians to your property for free. We will review the damages and begin building a packout and cleaning plan with timeline and cost estimates.

Contents Packout

Once we’ve agreed on a packout and cleaning plan, we can begin boxing up and removing all of the contents that are in the disaster affected area. We keep clear documentation of every item and any damages identified on those items.

Contents Storage

Once all of your belongings are loaded into our trucks, we will safely drive them to our off-site storage facility where we will keep the contents protected and organized until your property is restored and ready.

Contents Cleaning

If any of your belongings are damaged or in need of cleaning, we will work through them, cleaning and restoring your contents one by one. Our facility has state of the art cleaning equipment, allowing us to restore items from fire, water, smoke, mold, and a long list of other types of damage.

Returning The Contents

Once your property has been restored and your contents have been cleaned, our team will return all of your belongings, and begin unpacking and repositioning all of the contents back in your home or business property.

Off-Site Contents Storage

When your are impacted by some type of disaster that causes considerable property damage, you will need all of the contents of your property removed and stored while the restoration company addresses the property damage.

At 75 & Sunny, we are your local contents packout specialists, and our team has the equipment and experience to load up all of the contents of your property, without misplacing or losing even one item. We have our off-site contents storage facility which allows us to clear your property and give special attention to your damaged contents, while we are also restoring your property. This allows us to clean each item while ensuring nothing is misplaced, lost, or further damaged in the process.

Off-Site Contents Storage

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Choose 75 & Sunny for Contents Cleaning & Packout Services

Certified Technicians

When you work with 75 & Sunny, you can rest assured our team of technicians are heavily experienced and IICRC certified. 

Off-Site Storage

75 & Sunny have the resources to pack up and transport your contents to our off-site storage facility for cleaning and storage.

Immediate Response

75 & Sunny offers immediate response services, 24/7, sending a technician to inspect your property within minutes of your call.