Exploring Orange County CA

Orange County, CA has a population of over 3 million residents – making it one of the biggest counties in all of California. The majority of the county is considered to be suburban and it boasts a beautiful coastline.  This makes it quite popular among tourists and other Californians that are looking for a relaxing day at the beach while still being in proximity of various amenities and entertainment options. In fact – Disneyland is located in Orange County. 

History of Orange County

A Brief History of Orange County CA

The area that is modern Orange County had various populous living on it since nearly 10 000 years ago. The main population centers were all located along the coastline – and the natives relied on carved boats to hunt for fish and shellfish. Later the area was settled by Spanish settlers and the influence was visible almost instantly. Soon the Spanish missions became private land and quickly grew into the various cities that dot modern-day Orange County. The county was officially incorporated in 1889. 

Things To Do In Orange County CA

Orange County is one of the most entertaining counties in all of California. Besides the amazing beachscapes, various restaurants, and beach bars there is plenty of content for kids and adults in the forms of various theme parks. Knott’s Barry Farm is a popular theme park with 6 different thematic areas. When mentioning theme parks we cannot skip the jewel of the county – Disneyland. It brings in thousands of tourists daily to the area and has become an essential theme park to visit on the west coast. There is also various historic sites like Mission San Juan Capistrano.
Things to do in Orange County, CA

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Orange County CA Restoration Services

Water Damage is a serious emergency and needs to be responded to quickly. 75&Sunny provides 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services in Orange County, CA. Call us the moment you notice water damage. 

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Mold is one of the most common causes of asthma and various allergies. Orange County can be quite humid due to its proximity to water – which makes it an ideal area for sudden mold growth. Call us for quick removal. 

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